Dar closes main roads as heavy rain persists

By Miriam Mkanaka , The Guardian
Published at 03:19 PM Apr 23 2024
Jangwani Roads in Dar es salaam
Photo: File
Jangwani Roads in Dar es salaam

DAR ES SALAAM: Authorities in Dar es Salaam closed down several roads in the city on Tuesday after severe downpours triggered by the weather phenomenon.

AUTHORITY in Dar es Salaam took action on Tuesday by closing several city roads in response to severe downpours triggered by adverse weather conditions.

The country's meteorological authority (TMA) has issued warnings concerning the ongoing heavy rains, emphasizing the potential for structural damage.

Areas significantly impacted include Jangwani, Mkwajuni, Africana, and Kibada to Kisarawe 2, where a collapsed bridge has disrupted communication.

The Dar es Salaam Regional Road Safety Unit attributes the closure of these roads to the excessive water flow.

Commuters relying on rapid transit buses are advised to explore alternative transportation options, including other public buses.