Yanga target Congolese midfielder Onoya Sangana Charve

By Seth Mapoli , The Guardian
Published at 09:22 AM Jul 06 2024
Congolese midfielder Onoya Sangana Charve
Photo: Agencies
Congolese midfielder Onoya Sangana Charve

IN a strategic move to bolster their midfield, Young Africans are in the advanced stages of negotiating the acquisition of Onoya Sangana Charve, a defensive midfielder from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Charve, who currently plays for AS Maniema Club, is expected to add significant depth and strength to Young Africans’ midfield. The club is keen to reinforce this area ahead of the upcoming season to enhance their competitive edge.

Charve's arrival is anticipated to bring a new dynamic to the side’s midfield lineup. Despite already having a strong roster that includes Khalid Aucho, Mudathir Yahya, Jonas Mkude, and Salum Abubakar, the club's management believes that Charve's addition will provide the necessary boost to secure their ambitions for the season.

In a related development, Zawadi Mauya, a defensive midfielder, will not be part of Young Africans' squad for the 2024-2025 season. After four seasons with Young Africans, Mauya is departing as his contract has expired. 

The midfielder joined Young Africans at the beginning of the 2020-2021 season from Kagera Sugar.

Mauya’s departure marks the end of a notable tenure with the club, during which he contributed significantly to their successes. His exit creates a gap that Young Africans hope Charve will fill effectively, ensuring that the team remains strong and competitive in the forthcoming season.

Head coach Miguel Gamondi has been a driving force behind the decision to recruit another defensive midfielder. 

The club’s insiders reveal that Gamondi has stressed the need for a reliable backup to Aucho, who is pivotal to the team’s defensive strategy. The absence of the Ugandan, due to injuries, suspensions, or other reasons, has previously left the team vulnerable, most notably in their CAF Confederation Cup final loss to USM Alger and their quarter-final exit against Mamelodi Sundowns.

“We have recognized the necessity for a robust defensive midfield presence,” said a source within the club’s leadership. 

“Aucho’s absence was a critical factor in our defeats. We need a player who can fill his shoes seamlessly, ensuring we don’t suffer from the same shortcomings in crucial matches.”

Yahya, another key player, often plays a dual role, assisting both in attack and defense, which puts additional pressure on Aucho as the sole dedicated defensive midfielder. 

The club’s pursuit of Charve is aimed at alleviating this pressure and providing much-needed support.

The informant credited Maxi Nzengeli for playing a significant role in identifying and facilitating the negotiations with Charve. 

If the discussions proceed as planned, Charve will soon don the Young Africans jersey.