TFF names clubs banned from signing new players

By Michael Mwebe , The Guardian
Published at 11:14 AM Jun 19 2024
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Photo: TFF
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FIVE Tanzanian clubs have been banned from signing new contracts in the on-going transfer market until they resolve their differences with their former players.

The Tanzania Football Federation, TFF, yesterday published a new list of clubs serving bans on registering new players.

The sanctioned clubs are Young Africans, Singida Fountain Gate, Biashara United, Tabora United, and FGA Talents. 

The clubs are banned from participating in the transfer market.

All clubs concerned were found guilty of failing to comply with previous decisions of the world’s soccer governing body (FIFA) or a subsequent CAS appeal decision ordering them to pay significant overdue amounts of money to players.

These clubs will have to pay the amounts of the judgments pronounced against them by the FIFA disputes committee to be authorized to recruit new players for the 2024/25 season.

Clubs banned from registering players - in cases often called "transfer bans" - can sign new players, but cannot field them in matches because they cannot register them with the national federation.

In accordance with FIFA Circular no. 1628 and in order to ensure that all decisions passed by FIFA bodies are respected as soon as they are issued, should the relevant amounts due not be paid in full by the debtor within the final deadline, the debtor’s association will be required to automatically apply the point deduction and/or the ban from registering any new players.

Should a member association fail to automatically implement said sanctions at a national level and provide the secretariat to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee with proof of the implementation of the point deduction and/or transfer ban, disciplinary proceedings – which may lead to an expulsion from all FIFA competitions – may be opened against the association concerned.