Simba send second group of players to Egypt for pre-season camp

By Seth Mapoli , The Guardian
Published at 06:00 AM Jul 11 2024
Simba SC Players
Photo: Courtesy of Simba
Simba SC Players

SIMBA Sports Club continued their pre-season preparations with the departure of the second group of players and officials to Egypt later yesterday. This group will join the initial contingent that had already traveled to Ismailia for a three-week training camp aimed at readying the team for the upcoming season.

Ahmed Ally, the club’s information and communication officer, shared additional insights into the club’s preparations. 

“With the departure of the second group, we will officially commence our pre-season preparations under the guidance of our new coach, Fadlu Davids. He takes over from Coach Benchikha, who recently left the club,” Ally said.

He also mentioned that the club’s goalkeeper, Ayoub Lakred, already has joined the camp directly from Morocco. 

“Our squad will now be fully assembled in Egypt, ready for the preparations under the new technical bench. The aim is to gear up for the rigors of the Premier League and the international competitions, particularly the CAF Confederation Cup, where Simba will be a strong contender,” he added.

Simba’s decision to conduct a pre-season camp in Egypt underscores the club’s commitment to excellence and readiness for the upcoming football season. The club’s management believes that the combination of high discipline, strategic training, and the leadership of Davids will be crucial in achieving their competitive goals.

The Simba Day festival, an annual highlight for the club, will mark the team’s return from the camp. The festival not only serves as a celebration of the club’s heritage but also as a platform to showcase the new squad to fans and stakeholders.

The plans for this intensive pre-season training were solidified during a recent meeting at a hotel in Dar es Salaam. The meeting, presided over by Mohamed ‘Mo’ Dewji, the club’s investor, honorary president, and chairman of the Board of Directors, emphasized the importance of discipline and responsibility among the players to ensure success on the field.

Strict new measures havebeen introduced to maintain discipline within the team. The new team manager will be equipped with a device designed to detect if a player has consumed alcohol before entering the camp. This initiative aims to foster a disciplined team environment by preventing intoxicated players from participating in training sessions.

The meeting, which brought together key figures including the chairman, the Board of Directors, the Advisory Board, players, and some staff members, also emphasized the importance of wearing official attire while in the camp. These uniforms, bearing the logos of sponsors and the club, are a mandatory part of the players’ dress code.

As the club gears up for a challenging season ahead, the emphasis on discipline, rigorous training, and cohesive team dynamics will be pivotal. Simba are poised to make a significant impact both domestically and internationally, building on their storied legacy and aiming for new heights under the leadership of their dedicated management and coaching staff.