Clatous Chama’s future with Simba to be decided this week

By Seth Mapoli , The Guardian
Published at 10:07 AM Jun 17 2024
Simba SC midfielder Clatous Chama.
Photo: Agencies
Simba SC midfielder Clatous Chama.

SIMBA are striving to retain their talented attacking midfielder, Clatous Chama, whose contract with the club is nearing its end.

The Zambian international’s contract is set to expire on June 29, but Simba remain hopeful of securing his services for the future.

Chama, currently in Zambia for a break, has been in discussions with Simba regarding a contract renewal. However, initial negotiations failed to reach a consensus due to differences in the terms proposed by both parties. Despite this, the club is determined to continue negotiations and reach an agreement that satisfies both Chama’s needs and Simba’s strategic interests.

In a strategic move, Simba are said to have dispatched representatives to Zambia with a dual mission. The primary objective is to finalize the signing of Power Dynamos winger Joshua Mutale, but while in Zambia, the officials are also expected to resume talks with Chama in a bid to secure his commitment to the club.

This renewed effort to retain Chama comes shortly after the club’s major announcement regarding their new registration processes. Mohammed Dewji, a key figure in Simba’s administration, has taken charge of all registration activities, signaling a more hands-on approach to player management and acquisition.

Retaining Chama is of paramount importance to Simba, given his significant contributions and the interest he has garnered from rival clubs in Tanzania. 

Chama’s performance on the field has been nothing short of exemplary. He has introduced a level of skill and composure that has set him apart in the Premier League. Last season, he led the club in assists, delivering six decisive passes that underscored his vision and technical prowess.

Chama’s impact extends beyond domestic competitions. He has been instrumental in Simba’s campaigns in the challenging CAF competitions, where his calmness and extraordinary execution under pressure have often turned the tide in favor of his team. 

His ability to maintain composure in high-stakes situations has made him a critical asset to Simba.

Moreover, Chama’s dedication and football intelligence have not gone unnoticed by rival clubs, particularly Young Africans, who have shown a keen interest in acquiring his services, even if just for a single season. This interest from competitors only heightens the urgency for Simba to secure Chama’s future with the club.

As one of the senior players in the Simba squad, Chama’s experience and leadership on the field have been invaluable. Throughout his tenure at the club, he has remained a cornerstone of the team, providing stability and inspiration to his teammates. His potential departure would undoubtedly leave a significant gap in Simba’s lineup.

The club's commitment to retaining Chama is reflective of their broader ambitions. Simba recognize that maintaining a player of Chama’s caliber is crucial for their continued success and competitiveness both domestically and on the continental stage. His skills in delivering accurate assists, scoring, and navigating complex match situations are attributes that the club cannot afford to lose.