Dar boxer bows out of 2024 All-Africa Games

By Guardian Correspondent , The Guardian
Published at 04:38 PM Mar 23 2024
Boxers are pictured trading jabs in the 2022 National Club Championships' bout which took place in Dar es Salaam.
Boxers are pictured trading jabs in the 2022 National Club Championships' bout which took place in Dar es Salaam.

TANZANIA's boxing team's prospects of winning three silver medals in the 2024 All-Africa Games in Ghana were on Wednesday after boxer Ezra Mwanjwango lost to Zambian Andrew Chilasa.

The bout ended 5-2 on the judge’s decision and the decision to award the Zambian maximum points was reached after judges previewed the bout which initially ended 3-2 in favour of Chilasa.

Tanzania Boxing Federation (BFT) president Lukelo Wililo yesterday expressed optimism that despite Mwanjwango failing to reach the semi-finals, the other two boxers- Yusuf Changalawe and Musa Maregesi-, who took the ring yesterday, can reach the stage.  

“Unfortunately, our boxer Ezra Mwanjwango failed to reach the semi-finals, he did his best but his opponent was well-prepared, the country still has hope that the remaining two boxers, Changalawe and Maregesi can do well,” Wililo said.

Tanzania had eight boxers in this year's All-Africa Games. Male boxers are Abdallah Mohammed- Lightweight, Ezra Paul- Welterweight, Abdallah Mfaume- Light Heavyweight, Yusuf Changalawe- Cruiserweight, Musa Maregesi- Heavyweight, and Mhina Magogo- Heavyweight.

Female boxers are Miriam Maligisa -Minimumweight and Zulfa Macho- Flyweight. The boxers were under coaches Samuel Kapungu and Muhsin Mohamed.

So far Tanzania has won three bronze medals and is among 11 African countries that have had their boxers winning medals before entering the ring in All-Africa Games. Maregesi reached the semi-finals without entering the ring.

The other countries that have won medals are Tunisia, Zambia, Algeria, Ghana, Egypt, DR Congo, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Morocco.

Speaking during the Tanzania team's send-off, Minister for Culture, Arts, and Sports Damas Ndumbaro urged the squad to make the country proud by lifting many medals in the Games.

Ndumbaro said it is high time local athletes performed well in top international events.

Some of the sporting codes whose athletes have represented the country in the games are athletics, boxing, cycling, swimming, and judo.

"I'm calling all the athletes who will represent the country at the coming All Africa Games in Ghana to fight for the national flag," the minister insisted.

"The government has provided all necessities for the teams, it sponsored training camps for all athletes and it is time for them to prove to the nation that they are competent, winning medals is the only way for them to prove that," he said.