6,500 surveillance cameras to boost security in major cities

By Guardian Reporter , The Guardian
Published at 08:41 AM May 16 2024
Home Affairs minister Hamad Yusuf Masauni
Photo: Ibrahim Joseph
Home Affairs minister Hamad Yusuf Masauni

THE government intends to install 6,500 cameras in major roads and public premises in four major cities to boost safety and security.

Home Affairs minister Hamad Yusuf Masauni unveiled this plan in the National Assembly yesterday when presenting budget estimates for fiscal 2024/25, noting that the installation of cameras is part of the safer cities project being rolled out in the next financial year.

Artificial intelligence (AI) cameras will be placed on industries, businesses, public gatherings, city roads, hotels and various community services, he stated, citing other slated areas as hotels and major entertainment places in Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Dodoma and Mwanza.

“The project will help to stimulate economic and social activities when security is more assured in towns and cities across the country, he said, affirming that the project will also further execution of recommendations of the Criminal Justice Commission, demanding the use of modern technology in operations of security agencies.

The project will be implemented through a concessional loan pegged at $145.2m from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), he said, highlighting that an agreement has already been signed between the police production unit and the project contractor.

Implementation will commence after the signing of the financial agreement between the two governments, he said, upbeat that from July 2023 to April 2024, major criminal incidents reported to police stations decreased from 45,485 to 43,146, a five percent decrease from a similar period for 2022/23.

The decline in criminal incidents arose from collaboration between the police and other security agencies in conducting patrols, raids and detection to prevent, investigate and combat crimes.

Public education on the implementation of the concept of community policing in crime control was ongoing, he said, citing priority areas for the next financial year as building police stations and officer residential quarters, purchasing more modern working tools like vehicles, motorcycles, boats and helicopters to enhance patrols.

The government will also roll out strategic projects including the mandatory vehicle inspection project and the highway speed control project, he added.