Minister urges PS to ensure NCC, CRB establish workers’ councils

By Guardian Reporter , The Guardian
Published at 11:44 AM Apr 23 2024
WORKS Minister Innocent Bashungwa
Photo: File
WORKS Minister Innocent Bashungwa

WORKS Minister Innocent Bashungwa has instructed the ministry's permanent secretary Eng Aisha Amour to supervise and ensure that the National Construction Council (NCC) and the Contractors’ Registration Board (CRB) form workers’ councils as per the law.

According to him, the Employment and Labour Relations Act no 6 of 2004 requires institutions to have effective workers’ councils for development.

Bashungwa made the directive yesterday in Dodoma during the launch of the Roads Fund Board (RFB) and the Ministry’s Monitoring and Evaluation system.

He wanted the where he wanted by June 30, the two institutions should have active workers’ councils.

Bashungwa has asked the members of RFB to be innovative to bring new sources of income in order to have sufficient and sustainable income for the management of road maintenance in this country.

He emphasised on the members of the councils to use the opportunity of their presence in the councils to question and make suggestions that will contribute and bear fruits in bringing development in the country.

In addition, the Minister reminded them of the responsibilities of the workers’ councils, including management of human resources along with building professionalism, skills and capacities for employees as well as supervising rights and well-being at workplaces.

He further wanted the Engineers Registration Board (ERB), Architects and Quantity Surveyors Registration Board (AQRB) and CRB to closely monitor projects which they supervise to ensure that they are implemented by adhering to all quality standards.

The Ministry’s PS, Eng Aisha said that the newly launched Monitoring and Evaluation system is expected to commence working on May 2, this year.

He said the ministry expects that the new system will greatly increase efficiency in the ministry and its institutions and reduce spending of the government’s finances as well as facilitate having accurate statistics between the ministry and its institutions.

Rashid Kalimbaga, acting chairman of the RFB said the workers’ council consists of various members including heads of departments as well as leaders and members from the Tanzania Union of Government and Health Employees (TUGHE).