Issue EFD receipts for every sale, traders told

By Christina Haule , The Guardian
Published at 04:35 AM Jun 20 2024
EFD Machine
Photo: File
EFD Machine

TANZANIA Revenue Authority (TRA) in Morogoro Region has urged traders to ensure that they issue genuine electronic fiscal devices receipts to increase collection of revenue and stimulate development.

Emmaculate Chaggu, TRA Senior Taxpayers Education Officer for Morogoro Region made the call yesterday here at a workshop for accountants, procurement officers, auditors as well as university students to discuss best ways to strengthen efficiency in service provision.

Chaggu said it is important for traders to issue legal receipts and stop demanding extra payment from customers for them to issue the receipts.

“It is also important for all of us to build a culture of demanding receipts with the correct amount of money paid at the time of buying items to stop untrustworthy businesspersons from evading government revenues that are used to incur costs of social services,” she said.

She further said the authority will continue enhancing its education and awareness programmes to tax payers in order to increase voluntary tax compliance and thus expand tax base.

James Suka, executive director of Suyoo Vijana Resolution Group urged the National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA) and the Procurement and Supplies Professionals and Technicians Board (PSPTB) to cooperate with universities in the country to implement awareness programmes in order to attract more students to join the boards and increase efficiency of their carriers.

He said the organisation operates an examination centre for NBAA and has more than 200 students, a number which may increase if more education is given to students in universities on the importance of conducting the board’s exams.

He said they decided to conduct the workshop every year to help provide students with understanding on the presence of the professional boards for them to join and benefit from various opportunities.

Suka further urged students to realize that they should use the boards for their professional development because the boards take all cadres and at various levels of education.