Connectivity: A Necessity, Not a Luxury – Voda Chat

By Guardian Reporter , The Guardian
Published at 06:33 PM Jul 08 2024
Connectivity: A Necessity, Not a Luxury – Voda Chat
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Connectivity: A Necessity, Not a Luxury – Voda Chat

Vodacom Tanzania hosted a dynamic online discussion titled "Let’s Talk Connectivity" that concluded with a resounding message: "Connectivity is not a luxury but a necessity.

" This sentiment resonated throughout discussions on spectrum deployment and corresponding network improvements, rural connectivity, overall network resilience, and environmental stewardship. The dialogue was streamed live on X via Space and Facebook reaching an audience of nearly 5000 people. 

Andrew Lupembe, Network Director of Vodacom Tanzania, kicked off the conversation, saying "The purchase of Smile Communications is a game-changer for us. It significantly boosts our spectrum, ensuring reliable and seamless 4G network coverage." He emphasized that this move dramatically enhances connectivity and the experience for customers while on the Vodacom network.

In today's world, connectivity is a necessity, not a luxury. Tanzania relies on two main cable systems—Seacom and The Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System (EASSy). When both systems were damaged a couple of month’s ago, Vodacom Tanzania took swift measures to restore services. Th e company went further to refund its customers with airtime and bundles as a result of the outage.

"May's network disruption clearly demonstrated that connectivity is everything, highlighting the crucial role of reliable internet access for individuals, businesses, education, healthcare, and everyday communication. Vodacom has taken significant steps to ensure network resilience by continuous monitoring our network performance and having readily available engineers on ground prompt infrastructure repairs, subscribing to a third subsea cable system namely 2Africa and looking into the potential of making inland connections to the six cable systems available in neighboring Kenya" Lupembe remarked in response to a participant during the live session.

Glorious Kimaro, Head of Environmental and Energy Management at Vodacom Tanzania, highlighted the company’s approach to energy consumption. "We are leveraging automation to minimize energy use and promoting smart recharging options through M-Pesa. Moreover, recently we received ISO 50001 certification for Energy Management Systems—a first in the Tanzania telecommunications sector and it stands to guide us to further improve energy efficiency across our operations."

Vodacom Tanzania continues to lead the way in providing resilient, accessible, and environmentally friendly connectivity solutions for all Tanzanians. Through innovation, Vodacom is driving progress and ensuring a connected future for everyone. On its fifth edition, Voda Chat allows the company to directly engage with their customers, respond to their queries and take feedback for improvement.