Dodoma city maintains three consecutive clean audit reports

By Valentine Oforo , The Guardian
Published at 11:13 AM Apr 03 2024
David Rubibira, head of the accounting and finance division at Dodoma City Council
Photo: File
David Rubibira, head of the accounting and finance division at Dodoma City Council

The Dodoma City Council has achieved a commendable fiscal record by consistently receiving an unqualified opinion (clean audit report) for three consecutive years, a testament to effective management and prudent financial stewardship.

Head of the Accounting and Finance Division of the Dodoma City Council, CPA David Rubibira said Dodoma City Council has been getting unqualified opinion due to smooth working cooperation between the experts at his department and those from the Council of Councilors.

 "The professional inspections have proved us to have well processed all of the revenue collection in accordance to the needed laws, regulations and procedures, and together with that, all calculations have followed international standards and transparency," CPA Rubbira bragged.

"The relevant experts from the two sides have been bridging efforts in following the law, regulations and financial procedures in carrying out their daily duties," he observed.

Another success, he mentioned, is in the area of ​​local revenue collection. 

"During the fiscal year 2021/2022, the council estimated to collect a total of 43,616,465,99/-, whereby  it managed to collect 44,279,552,980/-, which is equal to 102 percent of the targeted collections. 

And he detailed that during 2022/2023 fiscal year the council projected to collect 55,127,359,997/- and it was able to collect 44,639,819,472.12/-, equal to 81 percent.

"In 2023/2024 financial year, the council's revenue collection target was set at around 58,640,360,000/- whereby as of March, we have already managed to raise a total of 32,760,459,121/-, which stands at 54.7 percent of the relevant target," he expressed. 

CPA Rubbira said as per the council's set strategies, by June 30 this year, his office is expecting to have reached 100 percent of actual collection target. 

Speaking over use of the injected development funds, he expressed that the council has so far received a total of 29,654,533,199/- from the state coffer, as well as the development partners. 

"The funds was spent to facilitate implementation of diverse projects, including construction of a district hospital, classrooms, construction of schools, health centers, clinics, staff houses and toilets," he unveiled. 

He also spoke over local revenues collections and expenditure, saying the council was also per performing professionally. 

"40 percent of local revenue collections is being spent in running the council, whereby 60 percent is used to implement development projects," he informed. 

Giving further details, CPA Rubbira observed that for three consecutive years the council has been able to allocate a total of 60 percent of the local income collected to support execution of development projects.

"The projects, incorporating those focusing to empower women, youth and the people with disabilities," he said.

He said the funds for development projects have been allocated to support projects for the construction of roads, building health centers, classrooms and clinics, ward and local offices.