Unpaid fees prevents Dar from participating in international tourneys

17Apr 2019
Joseph Mchekadona
The Guardian
Unpaid fees prevents Dar from participating in international tourneys

TANZANIA will continue missing out on international netball competitions as the country’s netball governing body, Chaneta, has not paid annual fees to International Netball Federation (INF) and Africa Netball Association.

Netball players participate in a recent international tournament in Dar es Salaam.

Chaneta chairperson, Devota Marwa said, they have yet to pay fees for more than five years and, due to this, they will remain out of the international games.

She could not disclose the actual amount of cash they owed by the two international associations, but said it is more than 10m/-.

She said Chaneta’s coffers are dry and, thus, the body cannot even organize national championship.

The official asked companies and organizations to help her association financially.

She disclosed that at the last African Netball Championship in Zambia that was held alongside the Africa Netball Association Congress, she asked the international body to write off Tanzania’s debt.

She, however, said up to know the continental netball governing body has not responded to the request.

"Our coffers are truly dry, we don't have money, we are failing to even organize national championship… we are asking for sports lovers to help us,” she said.

The country has been inactive on INF and African Netball Association’s recognized events for many years due to unpaid arrears the current Chaneta leadership inherited from the previous leadership.

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