Saida wary of dishonest managers

07May 2019
Sabato Kasika
The Guardian
Saida wary of dishonest managers

TANZANIA’s prominent traditional music artiste, Saida Karoli, has disclosed she is now careful when it comes to selecting managers with a view to doing away with dishonest people.

Saida Karoli

"I was quite popular in traditional music the country early in 2000 and I got opportunity to stage plenty of shows in and outside,” Saida noted.

She pointed out much as she was popular, she did not have tangible success from the status because of a few dishonest people that ripped her off.

"This time around I’m careful in seeking managers so that I can keep dishonest people off. I had expected Ruge Mutahaba will find a manager for me, but unfortunately he passed away,” she disclosed.

She said she had in the past signed contracts written in English whilst she did not know the language, a situation she believes contributed to her failure to live up to expectations.

Saida, who is presently living in Mwanza, noted she had planned to relocate to Dar es Salaam, but Mutahaba that had been coordinating the plan passed away.

"I’m now smart, I don’t think there is any person that can exploit me, that is why I had been looking forward to having Mutahaba as my manager but he has passed away,” she noted.

She disclosed she will never fall victim to fraudulence the same way she did in the past, when she was riding high in traditional music in the country.





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