Arts Group seeks 10m/- for producing film

10Apr 2019
The Guardian
Arts Group seeks 10m/- for producing film

TOUR Arts Group, based in Katavi, is in need of 10m/- to meet costs for production of a video for a film titled 'Vita ya Ukoo'.

The group’s chairman, Chen Lee, disclosed the film will involve actors and actresses that are based in Katavi, and prominent actors and actresses from Dar es Salaam.

Lee mentioned some of famous actors and actresses that will feature in the film as Riyama Ally, Magali, Seba and Bad Boy.

"In an effort to complete the film’s production, we will host a fundraising event next week to get 10m/- which will meet costs for the production," he disclosed.

He pointed out the film will be shot in various parts of Katavi and Sumbawanga in a bid to portray an exact event.

"We call on film industry stakeholders to support us, they can offer us whatever amount of cash so that we can shoot the video,” he noted.

He disclosed he has planned to relocate the group to Dar es Salaam in an effort to win popularity, as it is the case for other groups.

"Dar es Salaam can help us win prominence given it has residents from various parts of the country,” he added.

Lee disclosed accessing the cash is currently the group’s main target, noting they will turn their attention to other duties once they complete the project.

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