Young man murdered in Tanga as he prepares for his wedding

25Dec 2017
The Guardian
Young man murdered in Tanga as he prepares for his wedding

A PROSPECTIVE bridegroom, Fadhil Abubakar, has been found murdered and his body dumped in Chumbageni along the road to Mjesani on the outskirts of Tanga municipality.

Confirming the tragic event, Tanga regional police commander Edward Bukombe said the killers also stole 20-year old Fadhil’s motor-tricycle (bajaji) taxi.

The RPC said the body was discovered by a passerby at around 4 pm. He said Fadhil, also known as ‘Sheshangai’ and a resident of Magomeni street in Tanga, was hanged by the unknown assailants using a sisal rope.

According to Bukombe, the deceased used to park his bajaji near Assad Hotel in the municipality. On the day of the tragedy, he lastly visited the home of his brother Omar Hassan, also within the municipality.

“After being seen alive at his brother’s home on December 19, Fadhil was not heard from again until his body was discovered by a passerby yesterday,” the regional police chief said.

The tragedy was made all the more saddening following reports from some close associates of the late Abubakar that the young man had been planning his wedding for next month (January).

All preparations for the big day had been completed and Abubakar had already paid the requisite dowry, said one of his neighbours who preferred anonymity.

According to the neighbour, on the fateful day Abubakar’s bajaji was hired by unknown people who were heading to Pande street in Kiomoni ward.

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