Venture into beekeeping, DC tells Kilolo residents

03Jan 2018
Friday Simbaya
The Guardian
Venture into beekeeping, DC tells Kilolo residents

KILOLO District residents have been urged to start venturing into beekeeping in a new drive to take care of the environment as well as addressing poverty.

Kilolo District Commissioner, Asia Abdallah

Kilolo District Commissioner, Asia Abdallah made the call over the weekend when handing over 50 beehives to various groups in the district.

The 50 beehives are part of the 4,500 beehives that are expected to be distributed by the Namaingo organisation in partnership with the Follow the Honey Tanzania organisation by 2020.

The DC described environment as key in every sphere of life hence needs to be conserved, whereby beekeeping is one of the best ways to keep the environment safe as well as income generating activity.

Abdallah said that for many years farmers haven’t taught the importance of beekeeping, that’s why it is important for them to venture into the unique beekeeping venture which doesn’t encourage them to cut down trees.

She said farmers should cultivate crops including sunflowers, seed oils, avocados, coffee, papyrus, millet and tea.

Namaingo’s project coordinator for Iringa Region,  Said Ng'amilo said that the organisation would have more than 50 groups in Kilolo District in Iringa  Region where farmers will be registered and also beehives will be recorded to be sure to monitoring operations.

"The beekeeping project has begun with 50 beehives for the first phase with a goal of reaching 4,500 beehives in all the district by 2020 that will play a significant role in maintaining the area of ​​Kilolo district and other areas that are involved in beekeeping," he said.

He said that depending on the geographical situation in partnership with Follow The Honey's organisation and other stakeholders, including the District Council will build small collection centres for the collection of honey and use the Tanzanian honey trademark to sell honey in the US market and Europe.

In turn, Follow The Honey Tanzania limited director, Kaizirage Camala in collaboration with the Kentansa International Inc. for the support of the Kilolo MP Venence Mwamoto they visited beekeepers as well as the areas suitable for the production of bee  products and taking samples of honey and wax.

Camala said he will supervise the project by providing education and marketing of bee products in partnership with Namaingo Business Agency, farmers and beekeeping groups in the region will have had a great opportunity to cooperate with one another and follow the honey Tanzania to develop beekeeping in the Iringa Region.