TRL organises steam engine ride to Pugu on Xmas

24Dec 2017
James Kandoya
Guardian On Sunday
TRL organises steam engine ride to Pugu on Xmas

TANZANIA Railway Limited (TRL) has organised a special tour using a steam engine from Dar es Salaam to Pugu station on the outskirts of the city to enable families travel and celebrate during Christmas.

Speaking at the official launch on Thursday at Pugu station, TRL Executive Director Masanja Kadogosa said parents and children can also now go and enjoy their Christmas in the Pugu hills instead of crowding at beaches.

“For this year’s Christmas festival, we have set a record where passengers will be treated to a luxury train ride using old steam engines to enjoy their outing at Pugu, on the outskirts of the city,” he said.

He said the move to use old steam engines for the first time since they ceased using them was to honour the contribution of the nation’s founding fathers in building the nation.

According to him, TRL revamped  its only remaining steam engine, a SUK 2927 manufactured in 1954 in Glasgow in the United Kingdom .

During the day, the locomotive will carry passengers to their destinations at fare categories ranging from Sh5,000 and Sh10,000.

“It is  the right time for youths  and children to enjoy the Christmas festival as well as   learning about the technological development in rail transport,” he added.

According to the executive director, the aim of launching the route ride was to promote domestic tourism.

Kadogosa added that the steam engine to be used was the only one remaining out of ten engines in the country, possibly in the whole of east and central Africa, adding that it will be protected at all cost.

TRL Acting Deputy Managing Director Operations Focus Sahani said that at least Sh17.14 m was used to renovate the steam engine, adding that all spares parts were made by fitters at the TRL workshop.

He said its renovation started in September and ended this month.

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