Tanzania on right track in executing AfricaMining Vision:UNDP official

10May 2019
James Kandoya
The Guardian
Tanzania on right track in executing AfricaMining Vision:UNDP official

TANZANIA is on the right track in implementing the Africa Mining Vision (AMV)—a continental initiative aimed at seeing minerals drive development of endowed countries, it has been observed.

Uongozi Institute CEO Prof Joseph Semboja.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam yesterday during  the regional dialogue on “Enhancing National Ownership in the mining sector, the UNDP Resident Representative Natalie Boucly said that Tanzanian  government has undertaken key reforms which are consistent with the AMV principles.

Boucly said that was according to the overall findings of the Gap analysis study conducted by UNDP in collaboration with Uongozi Institute to analyse AMV integration gaps in Tanzania.

Others were the review of the existing national legal and policy frameworks related to minerals and hydrocarbon with regards to alignment with the AMV (guided by AMV core documents such as the AMV Action Plan).

And propose realistic road map for implementing and aligning national legal, institution, policy and regulatory frameworks with the AMV.

 “Government’s commitment in implementing AMV at national level through a nationally owned country mining vision is likely to provide Tanzania with a leading role at regional and international level in promoting the increased contribution of the extractive sector to long-term socio-economic development objectives,” she said.

She said the findings of the analysis and the results of the dialogue will be key in shaping the interventions towards supporting the government in governing the extractive sector for socio-economic development of the country.

 UNDP was currently finalizing the designing of the project entitled “Tanzanian Extractive Industry Governance for Sustainable Development Programme”.

She  added that UNDP will collaborate with the government and other partners in implementing this project, which among other things, will focus on supporting the Tanzanian’s government in developing the  (CMV), and resource mobilization plan to support its implementation.

In early 2014, Tanzanian government submitted a request to UNDP to support the formulation of the Country Mining Vision (CMV), as an important step in domesticating the Africa Mining Vision (AMV) in Tanzania.

“I would like to assure our commitments in collaborating with the government in strengthening the capacity in governing the extractive sector, including the governance of the mining sector. Through our various interventions, locally, regionally and globally,” he said.

“UNDP will work with your ministry and other partners to support this important sector, with the aim of enhancing the socio-economic development of the people, through poverty reduction and employment creation” she added.

In his opening remarks, the minister for Minerals Dotto Biteko said  even though Tanzania does not has a (CMV) as per the AMV guidelines, the policies, laws and regulations substantially embrace its aspirations.

The minister said full domestication of the AMV in the country was necessary in order to sustain the benefits from the mining sector, however, the domestication process needed to address pertinent issues.

He therefore, said successful domestication of the AMV in the country will certainly require all actors both public and private to commit their efforts towards realization of the sectors’ aspirations and priorities.

“I therefore call upon all stakeholders especially our key partners such as UNDP, UNECA, and AMDC among others, to continue supporting the domestication processes “he said.

 According to the Tanzania Economic Survey of 2017, mining and quarrying economic activities grew by 17.5 percent, which is the highest growth registered compared to other economic activities during that period.

The share of mining and quarrying activity to GDP in 2017 was around 4.8 percent. Furthermore, the value of mineral exports was US Dollar 1,810.70 million in 2017 equivalent to 14.2 percent of the total export, with gold representing a higher value of the mineral exports.

For his part, the Uongozi Institute CEO Prof Joseph Semboja said the findings from the study on “Gap Analysis of Africa Mining Vision Implementation in Tanzania” have stimulated and encouraged discussions on domesticating the Africa Mining Vision (AMV) in this country.

He said the leaders and experts met to discuss the extent to which policies and the regulatory regime in the Tanzania’s mineral sector are aligned with the Africa Mining Vision (AMV) principles and to propose the roadmap and strategy for formulating a Vision for Tanzania’s Extractive Sector.

These are from Botswana, Lesotho, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and the host country (Tanzania).

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