Tanzania Police initiated into Israel Army style Martial Arts training

10May 2019
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Tanzania Police initiated into Israel Army style Martial Arts training

IT is packaged like some form of self-defence sports, but in reality the ‘Kapap Krav Maga Martial Arts,’ skills impacted onto local police officers in Arusha will also serve as yet another law enforcing measure to boost the force’s field performance.

Arusha Regional Police Commander, Jonathan Shanna.

A total of 30 martial arts trainees, among them two women have undergone the Israel hatched, ‘Kapap Krav Maga Martial Arts,’ training impacted by expert, Jean Bruneau Laurette, the instructor and country director of Israel Martial Arts, in-charge of the African Continent.

Participants in the course included martial artists from Arusha and local police officers previously trained on oriental self-defence skills. It was preceded with special training for security organs including the army and the police. These were inducted into methods of containing dangerous situations amicably.

The five-day training also benefitted private security firms including members of the Kashai Security Company in Arusha. These were taught how to handle challenging situations without employing firearms.

The Arusha Regional Police Commander, Jonathan Shanna expressed satisfaction with the programme and how it will assist operations for his officers; “We are glad that the police can now handle any situation without the need to apply excessive force of firearms,” he said.

The trainer Jean Bruneau Laurette, who hails from Mauritius, explained that the Kapap Krav Maga Martial Arts is very different from similar acts like Karate and Taekwondo, on that Kapap is specifically for the police and military and eventually gets engrained into a person’s daily routine making them always ready for anything.

The President of Africa Chapter of Shotokan West-Coast International Sensei Dady Kassim, who is also the chairman of the Martial Arts Federation for Arusha pointed out that, this type of martial arts was previously just taught in armed forces units.

Kassim who is now the resident trainer for Kapap Krav Maga Martial Arts, said the training is now applying for civilian in developing countries, mostly targeting female artists to reinforce their self-defence capabilities.

“After Tanzania the trainer will go to Nairobi, Kenya and later Mauritius where he will be conducting the training for specifically women candidates. Afterwards he is to conduct similar activities in Seychelles.”

Kassim reminded that, this type of self-defence training is simply for security purposes, unlike the other martial arts skills used mostly for games and sports.

“This will help security organs to make use of all available weapons to reinforce peace and contain emerging chaotic situations,” said the Sensei adding that after the inauguration, the training will be followed by international training workshop in July 2019.

He said the programme which kicks off in Tanzania after Ramadhan; it will also be later on rolled out to other Africa countries including Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia.

In Tanzania the programme will be starting in Arusha, then Kilimanjaro, Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and Mwanza with an aim of reaching out to all martial artists in the country and change their mind-set from using the skills for sporting purposes to applying them for serious security and self-defence.

Barayia Vincent is a Kapap Krav Maga Martial Arts trainer from Kenya who was also involved in the Arusha programme. “Tanzania has been very cooperative in hosting us, I wish other countries will follow suit,” he said.

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