Sumatra nabs bus tracking violators

13May 2019
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Sumatra nabs bus tracking violators

THE Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA) in Morogoro region has suspended seven upcountry buses plying the Dar es Salaam to eastern and western regions route for tempering with the Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) to enable them speed without being detected.

SUMATRA  Director  General Gilliard Ngewe

The vehicles have been caught violating road safety rules by driving beyond the permitted 80km per hour in an Eastern zone joint inspection which commenced on Monday last week.

SUMATRA in collaboration with Morogoro police authorities conducted the inspection by erecting  two check points at Msamvu regional bus terminal and Mikese on the outskirts of the town, for trucks.

Speaking to The Guardian at the weekend about the operation, SUMATRA  Director  General Gilliard Ngewe named the suspended buses as BM with registration number T 591 DCL owned by Blaston Makundi, which routes Dar to Morogoro, along with two  Classic Coach buses with registration number CGO 4624 AE19 and CGO 5594E19.

Another one is Complex Safari Ltd with registration number T 402 CRY, Kasire Luxury with registration number 443 DFJ owned by Kasire Trans Ltd and Frester Investment, registration number T 647 AWD.

 "Only BM has short routes Dar to Morogoro the others route Dar es salaam to Western regions. After inspection drivers were suspected with Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) trouble shooting as disconnecting communication then run over 80 kms speeds, " he said.

 Ngewe reminded drivers to run the business with care for profit yield, noting that maintaining normal driving of less than 80kmh speeds it is,easy to serve 100 diesel litres from Dar es Salaam to Kagera Region.

 “Almost 30 per cent of fuel consumption is realized where it amounts to reducing go and return costs by 500,000/- before VTS according to a study SUMATRA conducted on bus owners," he elaborated.

Other buses whose drivers were sent at court due to driving over 80 kmh speed  are Kisbo Safari Ltd with registration no T 324 DGC, Kisesa Express Ltd with registration no T 755 DLT, Dar Lux and Color Star.

For his part, regional SUMATRA official Andrew Mlacha said besides suspending buses since an operation commenced on May 6 up to May 10   more than 20m/-  has been earmarked as notification to buses with minor road offenses like delayed paying fines, with normal charges of not over 250,000/- charged as penalty.

 “it’s better driver and owners pay it voluntary rather than involuntary which brings disturbances to passengerswhen inspection takes place and found with  more than one fault," the SUMATRA official intoned.

 He pointed out a decrease of offenses from trucks, listing 84 trucks with no road license since that inspection started,  but the number of trucks with road offenses decreased.

 "As an operation was being conducted trucks’ offenses minimized compared o the earlier period. Besides, more drivers show cooperation once arrested rather aggressive behavior as some did on day one," he remarked.

Regional Traffic Officer (RTO), Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP)Deleli  Stephen declared intention to seize driving license of any driver found with the same mistakes.

He said the police force in Morogoro conduct capacity building to bus drivers and  motorcycle riders, making a point of  taking immediate measures on those who ignore those seminars.

 "The RTO's  office now cross-checks drivers' licenses and once one  found  with same repeated mistakes it proceeds to seize their licenses. This will be taken as a lesson to others as the target is to end or minimize road crashes," he elaborated.

 The Eastern Zone joint inspection is a continuation of a similar exercise inb the Central Zone conducted before during Easter festivals which involved   Singida ,Manyara and Shinyanga regions.

It succeeded to send  to court three drivers repeating the same offences and notification of buses for fines of over 100m/-, he added.

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