President Magufuli pledge gives Judiciary 12bn/-

10Feb 2016
Getrude Mbago
The Guardian
President Magufuli pledge gives Judiciary 12bn/-

The Ministry of Finance and Planning yesterday handed over 12.3bn/- to the judiciary in fulfillment of President Dr John Magufuli’s pledge made last Thursday when commemorating the Law Day.

President John Magufuli

The fund aims at helping the judiciary address various challenges it faces including handling of backlog cases and dispensing justice on time.

“We have fulfilled the promise made by the president, it is our hope that the funds will be properly used by implementing the expected goals,” the Minister of Finance and Planning, Dr Philip Mpango said when handing over the dummy cheque.

On his part, Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Amon Mpanju expressed his gratitude to President Magufuli for fulfilling his promise on time. “He has really lived up to his slogan “Hapa Kazi tu” by fulfilling his promise in just four days, we are grateful for this gesture,” he said.

Judiciary Chief Executive Officer, Hussein Katanga noted that the money will be used for their intended purposes which include improving courts’ operations. Dr Magufuli had pledged to give 12.3bn/- to the judiciary in five days to improve the working environment in the country’s courts.

During the occasion the president admitted that for the country to win the fight against graft and economic sabotage, the working environment in the judiciary will first have to improve.

Dr Magufuli stressed on the role of the judiciary in ensuring justice for the people, observing that he judiciary is an important pillar of the government.

He noted that there are 442 cases of economic sabotage pending in courts since 2010, which would have fetched the government 1trn/-, promising the Judiciary 250bn/- to address challenges it faces and the rest to go into overhauling the judiciary system.

The head of state further noted that there are 556 cases in the Land Division of the High Court, whose ruling is pending because the Registrar has failed to write a letter and forward the case files to the High Court for decision.