Policeman ‘murders’ army officer fiancée

28Dec 2017
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Policeman ‘murders’ army officer fiancée

A FEMALE soldier with the Tanzania People's Defence Forces (TPDF) 514 KJ squad in Makambako, Njombe region has been shot dead by her prospective husband, who is an employee of the Tanzania Police Force, reports say.

The deceased, Neema Masanja (25), was killed by H 2299 Zakaria Dotto after a conflict arose between the two at her Jeshini Street residence in the township yesterday morning.

Eyewitness Asty Lusambo, who was Neema’s landlord, said he and others heard gunshots coming from Neema’s room at around 6 am, and then saw the deceased’s younger brother chasing a man who they couldn’t easily identify.

Lusambo’s wife, Sophia Manyika, said she followed the chase and found the younger brother in the middle of a nearby forest, seemingly exhausted after failing to catch up with the suspected killer.

Local government leader Afrah Mbunju said: “We rushed into Neema’s room and found her body lying on the floor.”

Mbunju added that he had been informed Neema and the suspected killer were sweethearts with plans to get married in February next year. 

Both Neema and Dotto came from Mwanza region, and it was said that Dotto had already paid dowry.

The fiancé was a police guard at one local financial institution, according to Mbunju.

A senior medical practitioner at the Makambako hospital, Dr Kesha Mgunda, confirmed that Neema’s body had been received at the facility and a post-mortem conducted.

Afterwards, relatives of the deceased took the body for preservation at Ilembula hospital as they made burial arrangements, Dr Mgunda said.

Njombe regional police commander Prudenciana Protas also confirmed the shooting incident and said a search has been launched for suspect Dotto, who is said to have disappeared with the murder weapon. 

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