Physical exercises as remedy for diseases - Dr Shein

02Jan 2018
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Physical exercises as remedy for diseases - Dr Shein

ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein has emphasised on the public to embark on regular body exercises to prevent themselves from several diseases while making their mental and physical healthier.

ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein

The appeal was contained in his speech that he delivered to welcome the New Year, 2018 at the National Body Exercise Day held at the Amani Stadium here.

Accompanied by other leaders, including the Isles Vice-President, Ambassador Seif Ali Iddi and other public and political parties’ leaders, Dr Shein said that scientists have confirmed that exercise stands as a remedy of different diseases.

He reminded the public to take seriousness on proper feeding and conduct physical exercises daily to avoid increase patients for none communicable diseases.

“It was high time now people should build the culture of having frequent body exercises to prevent avoidable health complications, mainly non communicable diseases,” he said.

He also reminded the public on popular sayings like “Take caution before impact” and “Prevention is better than cure”, stressing that everyone must take responsibility of his/her health status.


 Dr shein also took time to announce that the next year’s commemoration will be conducted in Pemba.

Meanwhile, the Isles head of state once again congratulated “Zanzibar Heroes” team for making a history that has not been made since 1995, by emerging the winner in the CECAFA Challenge Cup.

 He also commended Zanzibar Sand Heroes for beating Malawi thus winning the cup.

Dr Shein also expressed the government’s goal to building five more sports grounds in Unguja and Pemba districts to improve the sector in the country.

He also directed the ministry of Information, Tourism, Culture and Sports to work on minimising entrance fees at the “Mapinduzi Cup” to enable more people get chance to witness the challenge.  

“There is also a need to invest more in sports especially the major national leagues putting more innovative things that will make them more attractive and challenging.

He directed the ministry of Information, Tourism, Culture and Sports to ensure that it advertises more the national league in media outlets and station where he wanted Zanzibar Leo newspaper to be in the forefront marketing the league and all its updates.

For his part, Information, Tourism, Culture and Sports Minister Rashid Ali Juma commended president Shein for his tireless efforts of pushing forward the sport sector in the country saying that the ministry continue to ensure that the sector is improved time to time.

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