Pay retirement benefits promptly - Jafo

18Mar 2019
Amri Lugungulo
The Guardian
Pay retirement benefits promptly - Jafo

MINISTER of State in the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Governments), Selemani Jafo has directed district councils in the country to ensure that retired workers are paid their benefits on time to enable them settle into retirement without hassles.

MINISTER of State in the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Governments), Selemani Jafo.

Jafo issued this appeal here during a farewell ceremony for 20 retired teachers in the district as well as awarding some primary and secondary school teachers who did their best to enable their students and pupils perform better in the last year’s national examinations.

The minister said he received complaints that there were some retired teachers who are yet to be paid their benefits years after their tenure to serve in the public service ended.

During the event, schools which performed well in last year’s national examinations at standard seven and form four were awarded cash prizes and certificates.

“Teachers are worth a lot in the nation. They are the ones who produce good manpower for the country’s development...I respect and love them so much and I will not tolerate seeing them suffering when claiming for their right of retirement. Without teachers none of us would have reached where we are now,” he said.

He urged district councils all over the country to work on the matter and immediately pay all retired teachers their benefits.

He also demanded that district council officials treat retired servants in a humane manner and show respect to them whenever they visit their offices seeking their retirement benefits.

In a statement read on their behalf by a retired teacher, Godfrey Kitilya told the minster that the retirees were facing a number of obstacles when seeking their retirement benefits.

“Despite serving for the country for decades, most of us face a lot of challenges after retiring. It is hard to get our benefits on time or even our monthly allowances. A number of impediments come across whenever we try to seek for our dues,” he said.

Retired teachers are sometimes forced to wait for years to get their fare to transport their properties to village homes after their tenure in the public services ends, the statement intoned.