Morogoro calls for socio-economic development activities

26Dec 2017
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Morogoro calls for socio-economic development activities

AUTHORITIES in Mvomero District, Morogoro Region have called upon residents to engage in farming activities after successfully ending the conflicts between farmers and livestock keepers.

Mvomero District Executive Director, Florent Kyombo

Mvomero District Commissioner, Alhaji Utaly said this when addressing pastoralists and farmers during the launch of the 2017/18 agricultural season at Mvomero ward. He said it was important that farmers produce to carter for family consumption and industries.

Utaly noted that conflicts between farmers and pastoralists in his area have been resolved by 90 per cent, and that both parties were collaborating in various activities. He said the conflicts claimed people’s lives and resulted into destruction of properties worth millions.

 He said the government is now preparing strategies that will enable framers to produce enough for the constructed industries. He said the agriculture raw materials will be used not only by industries in Morogoro, but in all the regions.

He mentioned some of the strategies as reviving cotton, paddy, tomato and sisal cultivation. He said the identified crops do not require modern technologies to ensure adequate harvests.

Mvomero District Executive Director, Florent Kyombo said the district has an arable land which can be used for cultivation of variety food and cash crops. He said the conflicts were among major factors that hindered farmers’ efforts in agriculture.

Kyombo noted that the government in Movomero District is working closely with stakeholders to ensure availability of agricultural inputs. He said the inputs are now available at indicative prices.

Loveness Stephano from the National Network of Small-Scale Farmers Groups in Tanzania (Mviwata) said that ending of farmers and pastoralists conflicts opens doors for framers to engage on commercial agriculture.

President John Magufuli had in mid this year directed all the regional commissioners to find amicable solutions to land conflicts, especially those pitting farmers and pastoralists in their respective areas.

He President noted that conflicts between farmers and pastoralists were caused by people who have hoarded large chunks of land, thus directing for confiscation of all undeveloped farms in the country and ordered that they be reallocated to other people.