Minister orders installation of new water pump in two weeks

31Dec 2017
George Tarimo
Guardian On Sunday
Minister orders installation of new water pump in two weeks

THE government has issued a two-week ultimatum to Iringa municipality to purchase a water pump and have it installed in order to facilitate operation of Mawelewele, Kitasengwa and Mkoga water projects after the previous one was stolen by unknown people.

Minister for Water and Irrigation Isack Kamwelwe

Minister for Water and Irrigation Isack Kamwelwe issued the order yesterday during his three-day visit of the region to inspect water projects.

Among projects he inspected included Mgombezi in Ilula, Mufindi district and Ruaha, which is in Mbuyuni district.

The minister also inspected a water treatment reservoir at Ndiuka where he said the government  was considering the introduction of rural water authorities to speed up the supply of water in rural areas.

"There is no business in water projects, all the investment you see is done by the government. Even the price of water is being set by the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA), a government institution,” he said.

The minister also inspected a water project at Magubike which is being constructed by WaridiI company through support from the United States which will serve six villages upon completion.

At Mgombezi river project in Ilula district, the minister said until 2020 the government will have reached 85 per cent in supplying water to rural areas countrywide.

The acting manager for Iringa Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (IRUWASA) Fabian Maganga said the authority had set aside Sh90million for the construction of a dam as water storage after the previous dam, which depended on Ruaha river, recorded a decline in water.

"We wish to have a big water reservoir that will meet the challenge of water shortages in the district and the region at large,” he said.

Deputy District Water Engineer Masoud Samila told the minister that the project will serve 2,000 residents upon completion but had been stalled due to stolen pumps.

For his part, Iringa District Commissioner Richard Kasesela said the government would soon construct a water tank with a capacity for 200,000 cubic litres to serve the villages.

His counterpart for Kilolo Asia Abdallah urged residents in her district to participate in protecting water sources by desisting from cutting down trees and conducting farming activities in the areas.

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