Masoko health centre nears completion

26Dec 2017
Getrude Mbago
The Guardian
Masoko health centre nears completion

RESIDENTS in Masoko ward, Kilwa District, Lindi Region have all reasons to smile after 500m/- project to construct and refurbish Masoko health centre is nearly to be completed.

Lindi Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS) Ramadhani Kaswa

Funded by the government, the project involves construction of a maternity ward, laboratory, operating theatre, children ward and waste water management system.;

Speaking recently at the centre, Kilwa District executive director Zablon Bugingo said that the completion of the buildings will transform and enhance efficiency of health service provision at the centre while serving more people from inside and outside the ward.

Bugindo was speaking after Lindi Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS) Ramadhani Kaswa paid a visit to the health centre to  monitor ongoing  progress.

Launched in November 1, this year, the project is set to be completed by January next year.

According to him, the government major aim is to improving the overall health in the district thus reduce and eradicate maternal deaths and complications.

“Inadequate health services are a major obstacle to the socio-economic development and have a negative health impacts in the population, so this project is going to boost social-economic activities,” he said.

For his part, RAS Kaswa said that the completion of the project will increase the overall well being of the residents by helping pregnant women have safer births, providing preventative interventions and health education

“Masoko health centre was at a very devastating situation, so with this construction and renovation, people will have access to quality health series ant they will no longer have to travel miles searching for the services,” he said.

He directed the district authorities to supervise well the project and ensure that it ends at the scheduled timeframe with the required quality.

Kaswa also urged authorities and residents to ensure that the implemented project is sustainable and supervised for the services to last long and benefit future generations as well.

He further added the rehabilitated health centre will also contribute to the local economy by keeping people healthy enough to work through the agriculture season and not fall victims to illnesses that keep them  away from tending to their fields.