Masele meets House team, questioned for three hours

21May 2019
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Masele meets House team, questioned for three hours

VICE President of the Pan African Parliament (PAP) Stephen Masele was yesterday grilled by the Parliamentary Privileges, Ethics and Powers Committee in response to a summons by National Assembly Speaker Job Ndugai.

Shinyanga Urban legislator Stephen Masele (L), a Pan African Parliament vice president, appears before the National Assembly’s Rights, Ethics and Powers committee in Dodoma yesterday as summoned by House Speaker Job Ndugai in connection with charges relating to misconduct. Photo courtesy of National Assembly

In his summons Ndugai said Masele had been acting in a manner that was in contempt of the National Assembly of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Soon after coming out of the grilling room Masele told journalists that he came into the country from South Africa where he was attending PAP meetings to respond to the Speaker’s call, insisting that he had been brought up in a good manner by his parents and party, CCM. He has never done any misconduct during his time as an MP, he said.

“I have been brought up by my parents and the party from the grassroots where I started. I have been a leader at its youth- wing UVCCM, member of the governing council. I know leadership values, so never will I commit misconduct,” he declared.

Masele said his decision at the continental body was to protect human rights foundations and on no account should it be translated as misconduct.

Yesterday, Masele arrived at parliamentary grounds at around 9am and went straight to National Assembly building before entering the grilling room at 11:34 am where he stayed up around 3pm.

This was despite Ndugai telling the House several times last week that Masele had refused to come back home.

After arriving, Masele went straight into the library room and later into the canteen before entering the debating chamber.

At 11:10am Masele came out of the canteen and held four minutes talks with Bariadi East MP Andrew Chenge.

After the grilling exercise, the chairman of the Parliamentary Privileges, Ethics and Powers Committee, Emanuel Mwakasaka (Tabora Urban, CCM) said they are working on the matter and upon completion they will handle their report to the Speaker.

Last week, Ndugai told Parliament that he had written to the PAP President seeking immediate recall of Masele, who is first vice president of the African Union’s legislative body.

According to Ndugai, Masele’s conduct was putting two pillars of the state – the legislature and executive – on a collision course, specifying that he has been tarnishing the image of the legislature by channeling falsehoods to higher offices of the executive arm.

Although Ndugai did not state exactly what Masele allegedly told higher authorities, a video clip posted by Masele on social media showed that the bone of contention are differences between the Tanzanian lawmaker in his capacity as PAP first vice president and PAP’s Cameroonian president, Roger Nkodo Dang.

 Masele is seen in the video clip asserting that back home in Tanzania they appreciated what he was doing at South Africa-based PAP.

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