Man is killed by friend over ‘lost’ gold

24Mar 2016
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Man is killed by friend over ‘lost’ gold

Marwa Ryoba, a 24-year-old man in Tarime District, Mara Region, died after he was stabbed three times in the back by his friend following an argument between the two.


The incident occurred in an area close to Wangi bar in Nyamongo town, which is located near the Acacia North Mara Gold Mine.

Ryoba who is a resident of Nyangoto Village Matongo Ward, Ingwe Division in Tarime District, was stabbed to death by his friend Emmanuel Thomas (24).

Special Zone Police Commander ACP Andrew Satta said Ryoba’s killing occurred during the night at Minarani suburb at Wangi bar in Nyangoto Village.

The argument started when Thomas started enquiring from Ryoba the whereabouts of gold, which they had mined together with other people, and which the former accused the latter of disappearing with until the time when they met at the bar.

“That’s when the fight started and Thomas stabbed Ryoba with a knife three times in the back, causing him to lose lots of blood and dying before reaching the hospital for medical attention,” ACP Satta said.

Commander Satta said: “Police were able to apprehend the suspect (Thomas) and he is being held for interrogation...he will be taken to court to answer charges against him. We are encouraging citizens not to take laws into their own hands and instead bring their problems to the police so that laws can take their course.

The police chief also warned those who carry around traditional weapons such as machetes and knives to stop immediately otherwise they would be arrested and brought to book.

“Good citizens need to indentify people suspected of owning guns illegally so that we can arrest them and take them to court,” he said.

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