KIT offers free English lessons to 25 students in Moshi

10Feb 2016
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KIT offers free English lessons to 25 students in Moshi

THE Kilimanjaro Information Technology (KIT) is conducting an English language training programme for 25 students from the J. K. Nyerere and Reginald Mengi Secondary Schools in Moshi Municipality.


Through the programme, the students will spend over 190 hours at KIT after classes, including one week of intensive training during their holidays in July and a camping field trip at Kilimanjaro National Park (Kinapa).

KIT executive chairman Onesmo Ngowi said on Sunday that the programme was aimed at developing students’ English language skills as well as fostering their personal growth and development.

“This training aligns with KIT's cardinal goal of developing English Language proficiency among Tanzanian youth which will allow them to collaborate with their peers around the world.

As a coordination centre for iEARN-Tanzania, KIT links Tanzanian youth with peers in more than 140 countries,” he said.

He added that the Access English Micro scholarship came at an appropriate time when Tanzanian youth needed to develop their language and communication skills to take advantage of all opportunities in the world today.

Additionally, he said: “The Access programme can help strengthen programmes in the tourism industry that rely on English-speaking workers to look after tourists.

“Young people make up more than 65 per cent of the population. With the ability to communicate in English; they can reap benefits from the flow of tourists that visit Kilimanjaro every year,” he pointed out.

“As tourism grows in Tanzania, the Access English Microscholarship programme can play a role to prepare the young people to command English language and this will make them competitive in the East African tourism market.”

Ngowi further explained that, the programme is funded through an English Access Microscholarship grant from U.S. Embassy Dar es Salaam.