Govt shuts down 4 stores over sale of fake solar batteries

23Mar 2016
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Govt shuts down 4 stores over sale of fake solar batteries

THE government has closed down four stores at Kariakoo area in Dar es Salaam that have been found selling solar batteries that have failed to meet the required standards.

Quality assurance officer at Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) Henry Massawe said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the solar batteries were tested last year, but the findings showed that the gadgets failed to meet the required standards.

The official said: “Most of the batteries’ samples did not show country of origin or serial number and some failed to meet the needed maximum system voltage.”

He said the bureau had now embarked on a crackdown to nab all businessmen who would be found still selling solar batteries that failed to meet test requirements.

Massawe said most of the solar batteries which failed the required test did not have a long life and cost consumers a lot of money.

He called on the public to purchase electronic appliances, especially solar power gadgets only in certified and legally recognised outlets.

“There are many people in the country who are victims of substandard goods...we must take action to protect the public,” he said.

He urged security agencies to step efforts to beat the challenge which he said poses a negative impact on the country’s economy.

Speaking on the matter, a solar equipment vendor along Lindi street who did not want to reveal his name called for increased cooperation with TBS to develop practical measures to curb market influx of substandard goods.

He said most of the substandard solar equipment were easily making their way into the country through border points or ports and called on the government to enhance security checks.

For her part, TBS Public Relations officer Rhoida Andusamile said the standard watchdog would continue to arrest people who engaged in importation and sale of substandard goods countrywide.

"I call upon the businesspeople engaging in the sale of substandard goods to clear them out of the market before our manhunt establishes the culprits,” she said, adding that legal punishment would be meted out on the culprits.

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