Govt bans informal and arbitrary confiscation of livestock countrywide

27Dec 2017
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Govt bans informal and arbitrary confiscation of livestock countrywide

LIVESTOCK and Fisheries Minister Luhaga Mpina has banned all informal and arbitrary confiscation of livestock all over the country, saying that the behaviour has been leaving thousands of livestock dead thus causing loss to both the government and pastoralists.

LIVESTOCK and Fisheries Minister Luhaga Mpina

He made the directive here during his tour where he warned the chronic behaviour of some of the honest public officials who arbitrarily seize people’s livestock and impose high fines illegally directing that all matters should be done legally.

“For example at least 411 livestock seized in September 13, this year in Swagaswaga reserve forest in Dodoma died for unnecessary reasons, other 692 livestock also died in March, this year at Rukwa Reserve Forest; at Wildlife Management Area (WMAs) Headquarters, a total of 2,456 seized cattle have been reported dead to November this year, while others being sold illegally,” the minister said.

The minister however applauded Handeni District Commissioner Godwin Gondwe for supervising well livestock laws and regulations while working tireless to solve challenges facing pastoralists in the district.

“Gondwe has managed to set a special village for pastoralists, resolved existing land conflicts between pastoralists and farmers as well as other land users...this is recommendable and other officials should emulate this,” he said.

He said that livestock sector plays an important role in the country’s economy so it should be respected and improved.

According to him, at least 4.49 million households in the country engage in various types of livestock keeping saying that if the country doesn’t have enough livestock, then 17.8tr/- could have been used to import livestock products.

“All officials who in one way or another abused and illegally treated pastoralists will not be spared and they should get prepared of the measures to be taken against them,” he said adding that arbitrary confiscation of livestock is against Animal welfare Act No.19 of 2008 and Animal Disease Act No.17 of 2003.The minister further said that illegal confiscation of livestock has a number of negative impacts to both the government and the pastoralists as many of them ends up dying by being attacked by diseases and lack pasture.

Mpina further directed authorities across the country to inform the ministry’s office whenever they embark on any livestock seizing operation to ensure that all operations are legally conducted.

“Local authorities have been hiking fines whenever they feel doing so, this is not allowed; we all need to pose fines as shown in the laws and I will not spare anyone when caught doing this…These illegal actions affects pastoralists and livestock sector at large,” he said

He also reminded pastoralists to ensure that they adhere to the country’s laws by abstaining from sending their cattle in restricted areas.

The minister also directed that whenever the livestock are seized then authorities must ensure that they undergo all kinds of vaccines and treatments to make them healthy.

For his part, DC Gondwe pointed out that the district will continue coming up with new innovative practices that will improve the livestock sector and pastoralists in the district.