Good Friday: Looming hunger preoccupies clerics

20Apr 2019
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Good Friday: Looming hunger preoccupies clerics

GOOD Friday messages delivered by Christian clergy yesterday spanned from spiritual matters to worldly issues affecting Tanzanians such as the looming food shortage due to poor rains, poverty, diseases and corruption.

 Catholic Archbishop Isaac Amani of Arusha Archdiocese.

The Union of Christian Churches in Arusha region yesterday appealed to Tanzanians to use available food cautiously in the wake of looming famine in the entire East African region due to poor long rains.

In their Good Friday message, the churches also warned of deforestation due to excessive felling of trees for fuel, appealing for enhanced environmental conservation for the country to remain a good place to live in.

 Catholic Archbishop Isaac Amani of Arusha Archdiocese who is deputy chairman of the union said Tanzanians should take precautionary measures by conserving food as the March-April-May long rains have not poured as expected, signaling tough times ahead when it comes to food and water.

“I urge everyone to take this as their responsibility. Take action by conserving and storing food so that your families do not suffer later,” Archbishop Amani urged.

The prelate also used the opportunity to appeal to Tanzanians to take care of their health by investing in health insurance policies since many people die for failing to pay hospital bills in cash.

The ELCT Bishop of Karagwe Diocese Dr Benson Bagonza said intelligent people in the society must be ready to bear pain in order to address long existing problems of corruption, disease and poverty.

He said the society has for a long time cried over the problem seeking immediate support to stem the challenges.

“Most people are still in the darkness of slavery as they are suffering from poverty, disease and corruption, and others alike that hinder them from enjoying their lives,” Bishop Bagonza emphasized.

He also insisted on the need for the public to embrace solidarity in order to overcome challenges that retard development in our country.

“Therefore, we need people who are ready to bear the pain of shame, hatred, torture and all sorts of embarrassment in order to bring to an end to these challenges in public life.

Dr Bagonza cited an example of first President Julius Nyerere who after having fought for Independence, he then felt unhappy to see neighboring countries not yet being free.

The bishop was speaking at the national Easter service held in Karagwe Diocese at the Lukajage Lutheran Church in Kagera Region.

The service was attended by government officials including the Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS), Prof Faustine Kamuzora.

Good Friday is a Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus and his death observed on the Friday ahead of Easter Sunday.

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