French embassy to celebrate gastronomy cuisine in Dar

15Mar 2019
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French embassy to celebrate gastronomy cuisine in Dar

THE French embassy in Dar es Salaam is for the first time set to celebrate the French gastronomy cuisine on March 21st 2019 focusing on sustainable development through responsible gastronomy and chefs’ commitment to preserve the planet.



Since the COP21 and the French national food conference, the country has been at the forefront of global environmental actions.


Addressing journalists at his residence in Dar es Salaam yesterday, French ambassador to Tanzania, Frederick Clavier said this year’s French gastronomy cuisine celebrations which is the 5th edition since 2015, will take a greener approach with the intention of protecting the planet resources.


“With the current climate change and environmental disruption around the globe, the world of gastronomy has a new and fundamental role to play. The catering sector has to embrace a virtuous, sustainable and eco-responsible approach in terms of health, environment, economy, energy, culture, education and social links”, said the ambassador.


He noted that the event will also support the ‘No More Plastic’ foundation which works to protect the oceans and reduction of plastics which flow to the oceans and beaches from homes.


In Tanzania, the French gastronomy cuisine is organized by the embassy in collaboration with the Hyatt Regency—The Kilimanjaro where the four course dinner will be prepared by a renowned French chef, Francois Lucchesi from Hyatt Regency in Paris Etoile.


“We invite Tanzanians to come and enjoy the French cuisine. These events are celebrated worldwide because they contribute into job creation. In France, gastronomy plays a major role in the tourism sector which contributes 10 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP)”, said Clavier noting that about 5,000 chefs will take part in the celebrations.


According to the ambassador, the celebrations are also used to bridge gaps and cultural differences as well as preserving old identities of the various countries. He said the dinner that will be presented in four acts (starter, main course, cheese, and desert) will be accompanied by French wines and champagnes.


General manager, Hyatt Regency—The Kilimanjaro, Garry Friend said: “We are expecting to have chefs from France to share with us experiences and make sure we prepare the best French cuisine”.


Friend said that Hyatt Regency is implementing an initiative ‘zero use of plastics’ towards reducing the use and flow of plastics into the oceans. He said Hyatt Regency will be free of plastics by 2020.


“Plastic bottles that will be used at the hotel will be recycled”, he noted.




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