Draught,water scarcity challenges facing Mbulu and Karatu districts

21May 2019
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Draught,water scarcity challenges facing Mbulu and Karatu districts

PERSISTENT draught and water scarcity had been mentioned among factors contributing to challenges facing residents of Mbulu and Karatu districts in Manyara region.

Following the challenges, the residents decided to conduct a special mass in order  to pray for rains. The prayers were organised by the Roman Catholic Church’s Kitete Parish and attended by villagers from both districts including those residing near Mbulu district.

Draught at the areas is said to mostly affect women, youth and children, according to Anthony Simion, a resident of Kitete village in Mbulumbulu ward, Karatu district.

He said that draught has resulted into shortage of animal feeds as well as food because they depend on rain to produce food crops. He said women and girls have been spending most of their time in search of water, hence failing to engage in income generating activities.

He appealed to the government to educate people on issues related to climate change including its impacts and mitigation. He said that food problems had also contributed into many adults to avoid getting married. 

“People don’t want to get married over fears of failure to provide for the family. As the church we have embarked on a programme to educate villagers the importance of ‘tying the not’, said Father Sebastian  Mwilinga  of the Kitete parish.

According to Sebastian the growing trend of adults living together without marriage has contributed to increased number of street children.

Bishop Antony Gasper from Mbulu parish commended the church for encouraging people to get married insisting the move is likely to reduce conflicts at family level. He called upon other Roman Catholic churches to emulate the arrangement.

He challenged district authorities to ensure supervision of by-laws governing people taking access  alcohol since they are the ones contributing to family problems which result  into divorce.

“Family break up leads to increased number of street children and those living in difficult conditions. We can only avoid this by encouraging people to stay in marriage”, he noted.

 A resident who didn’t want his name published said: “We avoid getting married because we do not have enough money and food to entertain invitees during wedding ceremonies”.

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