Committees challenged to uncover, address water woes

02Jan 2018
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Committees challenged to uncover, address water woes

COMMITTEES formed to monitor public resources in the water sector in Dar es Salaam’s Ubungo municipality, have been charged to closely work to uncover and address water challenges facing the citizens while ensuring that the allocated funds are properly used in the intended projects.

Ubungo Water Engineer, Ramadhan Mabuka made the directive yesterday when he met with the committee members at Kwembe ward, Kibamba Msigani in the municipal under the project funded by the Foundation for Civil Society.

Eng Mabuka wanted the committees also to educate citizens on the importance of preserving water projects for their benefits and future generations.

“I applaud Foundation for Civil Society for bringing the project to solve people’s challenges, this touches a number of people’s lives…I hope that with this project many of you (citizens) will be well informed on the importance of protecting big water projects for the country’s development,” he said.

For his part, Pakacha organisation coordinator Haroun Jongo said that the major aim of forming the committees was to ensure that public resources in water sector are closely monitored and managed.

According to him, the organisation conducted a research at the area to find out the major challenges facing water sector in the area.

“We have today brought them together to feed them with techniques, so far we have found that there is a great challenge of water shortage and the committees are working on the challenges,” he said adding that “However to permanently solve the challenge needs collective efforts from the government, stakeholders, religious leaders and the public in general.”

Some members of the formed committees said that the major role they have is to ensure that they work tireless to address water challenges in the district while creating mass awareness of the importance of protecting water infrastructures.

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