Church elders geared towards road safety drive

22May 2019
The Guardian
Church elders geared towards road safety drive

THE Arusha Regional Police Force through the Traffic Department have hatched a new method of reinforcing proper road usage by involving church leaders to relay road safety awareness from their pulpits.

The clerics training sessions were conducted by the Regional Police Department in association with the Moshi-based, Wide Institute of Driving (WID) and held at the Lutheran Town Cathedral was attended by Christendom elders from all denominations, including Anglicans, Catholics, Lutheran, Mennonites, Pentecostal, Moravian and others.

Faustin Matina from the WID was the chief trainer, who said: “It not like we are training the clergy new things, this was just a reminder so that they may include road safety awareness components in their weekly sermons.”

According to the trainer, church leaders are in better position to impact road safety awareness as they attend to thousands of parishioners on weekly basis, which mean the message will reach more people than when sent through other means or medium.

Participants included, church pastors, priests, bishops, vicars, nuns, parish workers and other religious servants working in various worship houses, vicarages and mission centers.

These were represented through their union of Christian Denominations in Arusha Region, dubbed ‘Umoja wa Madhehebu ya Kikristo.’

The Chairman of the Christendom Denominations Union of Arusha, Bishop Stanley Hotay pointed out that, learning is one thing but Arusha is plagued with very few if any, road signs to guide motorists and pedestrians alike.

“The roads do not have signs and drawings have disappeared; unless the placards are restored in place, people will not be able to tell where they are or what they are supposed to do on certain areas of the highways,” said Dr Hotay who is the head of Anglican Diocese of Kilimanjaro.

The Arusha Regional Traffic Officer (RTO), Joseph Bukombe said they have taken the suggestions serious, and soon the department will consult the Tanzania Roads Network Agency (TANRODS) to see the possibilities of restoring the road signs in Arusha.

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