Bakhresa firm to start sugar production at Bagamoyo in 2 years

30Dec 2017
Henry Mwangonde
The Guardian
Bakhresa firm to start sugar production at Bagamoyo in 2 years

THE Said Salim Bakhresa group of companies (SSB) has said it will officially start producing sugar by July 2020 from Bagamoyo after finalization of a plant construction which will take two years from now.

The move is in line with an order by President John Magufuli who issued 10,000 hectares of land to one of Tanzania's business and industrial moguls, Said Salim Bakhresa, to establish a sugar plant.

Yesterday, SSB officially started planting nursery sugarcane plantations at the Makurunge farm.

“The beginning of the process to plant the nursery sugar cane is a sign that the sugar problem is going to come to an end soon in the country,” said SSB spokesperson Hussein Sufian.

He said the nursery planting process will come to an end in six months’ time while the sugar processing plant installation will end in two years from now.

In October when handing over the land President Magufuli asked the prominent businessman to use it for sugar production since the country can grow and produce its own sugar instead of importing it.

He said the government had offered the 10,000 hectares after it was convinced that Bakhresa was investing in the country for the benefit of all Tanzanians.

In his remarks, project manager for Bagamoyo Sugar Limited Narayan Krishna revealed that the first stages of the production process at the farm will start by 2020.

In February, last year, President Magufuli announced a ban on importation of sugar by private companies to protect local sugar industries.

President Magufuli later announced a crackdown on traders who he accused of hiding sugar in their warehouses to create an artificial shortage, saying he would confiscate the hidden consignments.

Thousands of tonnes of sugar were impounded during the operation, with traders finding themselves in sour times as the government took full control of the sugar import trade.

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