Babati traders fault council over failure to construct abattoir

27Dec 2017
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Babati traders fault council over failure to construct abattoir

BABATI town council has been faulted over failure to construct Gendi market and abattoir at Singe ward despite the revenues paid by traders.

Babati District Executive Director, Fortunatus Fwema

The dirty environment at the slaughter house is said to threaten the health of traders and buyers.

Babati District Executive Director, Fortunatus Fwema told this paper that plans were underway to construct the market facility this financial year, but there are financial constraints.

“We planned to construct the market and a slaughter house in the 2017/18 financial year but we have shortage of funds as our collections are below target,” said Fwema noting they have planned to spend 100m/- for the project.

He said once the slaughter house is repaired the district will be able to collect 1.4m/- every month. He said the abattoir is only used two times a month. He said the current collections are few that can only be used to settle water bill at Mrara hospital which is under the district.

Fwema appealed to the traders and users of the facilities to be tolerant as efforts were underway to construct it. He said they have again included the project in the coming financial year.

A credible source who preferred anonymity said the municipal has been collecting huge amount of money from tariffs and other charges. He said traders pay 5,000/- for a single cow even if it wasn’t slaughtered.

He said they pay 1,500/- for goats and sheep, and 1,000/- for camel. He said the total number of goats and sheep brought at the market during auctions is 400 and 16 cows.

Martine Zephania who resides near the market complained of bad smell from the slaughter house. She however claimed that dirty water from the slaughter house were directed to people’s houses, the situation that poses a health hazard to them.

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