Alarm as Dodoma hit by cholera

03Jan 2018
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
Alarm as Dodoma hit by cholera

DODOMA regional health authority has sounded alarm on cholera outbreak as the rainy seasons begins, urging the public to remain watchful and improve hygienic standards.

Regional Commissioner (RC), Dr Binilith Mahenge

Speaking with The Guardian yesterday, Dodoma Regional Medical Officer, Dr Charles Kiologwe called on residents to maintain the weekly environment cleanliness programme initiated by the regional commissioner.

The region is common to cholera outbreak during such rainy seasons, causing fear that with the increasing population since the government relocated to the political capital city, the situation might not be good.

"The public should be wary of the diseases that in most cases breakout in the region during these festive seasons accompanied by rains," said the RMO.

He said all district authorities, including health officers should heed to the directives of the Regional Commissioner (RC), Dr Binilith Mahenge who ordered leaders to oversee environment cleaning activities every Saturday in order to prevent such diseases.

At least seven people have died of cholera in central Tanzania's region of Dodoma due to a cholera outbreak in 2016.

Authorities then banned selling of foodstuff by the roadsides and other open places during the festive season, citing a possible escalation of the epidemic.

Dr Kiologwe warned residents, saying that at least 329 people contracted the disease in the latest outbreak. He warned that if no strict measures were taken the entire region would be affected.

"I urge the public to be more careful during the festive season, avoid eating carelessly on the streets and maintain hygiene since the disease is likely to spread further if we don't comply with health standards," the official said.

He cited Mpwapwa as leading district in the Dodoma Region with 208 cholera cases, followed by Kongwa (95), Chamwino (18) and Dodoma (8). The district also led in deaths with three cases as both Kongwa and Dodoma districts witnessed two deaths each.


In October, 2015 the then  Ministry of Health and Social Welfare notified the World Health Organisation of new cholera outbreaks in 13 regions in the country, during which 68 people died.