Monitoring training  boosts   smallholder women farmers

19Apr 2019
Beatrice Philemon
The Guardian
  Monitoring training  boosts   smallholder women farmers

THE agriculture budget tracking and monitoring training has brought positive results to smallholder women farmers in Dodoma’s Chamwino district as they can raise voices and demand for their rights.

The training according to them has increased transparency and accountability in the agriculture sector within their community.

This was revealed yesterday by chairman of ‘Jukwaa la Wanawake’ in Chamwino district, Janeth Nyamayahasi when briefing journalists and ActionAid Tanzania staff on how have they have benefited from the training which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The project is implemented for four years from 2017 to 2020 in 16 wards in Chamwino and Singida districts.

“We are very glad for this training because right now there is notable increase of skills and knowledge to smallholder women farmers in Chamwino district on budget monitoring and they are now able to use different tools for example social audit citizen report to generate evidence for advocacy.” she said

 She noted that because of the training citizens in Chamwino district were able to follow up on various implemented projects including cattle dipping at Msanga ward, which is properly functioning. She said authorities have also rehabilitated a cattle dipping at Kongano area.

Nyamayahasi asserted that as a result of the trainings and sensitizations, women can now demand for their rights and access land as well as sit together with their husband to discuss various issues relating to their families.

ActionAid Tanzania, livelihoods and local right programme manager, Elias Mtinda added that the awareness on budget tracking for women has led to government officials at local government level to engage communities in the planning as well as reporting of the public spending on agriculture sector.

According to him farmers especially the smallholder women farmers as ordinary citizen pushing can push their agendas much easier compared to previous years.

During the training, farmers were trained on budget tracking and how to prioritize issues affecting them especially on agricultural sector,  how to demand their rights to access land, fight violence against women and children in the community and help members to understand their roles and responsibilities.

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