Carbon Revenue Education Fund brings light Hadzabe community in Mbulu

10May 2019
Jenifer Julius
The Guardian
Carbon Revenue Education Fund brings light Hadzabe community in Mbulu

RACHEL Athuman is a 17-year-old Hadzabe girl, who lives in the remote village of Mongowamono, 300 kilometers from Arusha Town.

Despite coming from a poor family, the young girl is one of the luckiest girls in Mbulu district as she has access to all the important needs of education and medical, thanks to the Carbon Revenue Education Fund for supporting her.

She is enrolled at Mangola Secondary boarding school in Karatu District as a form one student said although the school is two hours from her village she has no worries about her expenses in school because it is all paid on time.

Speaking Rachel said:  “I am indeed so thankful for the carbon project; I can now concentrate on my studies knowing that all my school bills are being taken care of...Before this project, I had a lot of worries on how I’m going to pursue my secondary studies since my parents cannot afford.”

Rachel is among 20 students in the area who benefit from Carbon Project whereby two of them are in high school and three at university level.

Paulo Timotheo, ward executive officer at Yaeda Chini disclosed that apart from supporting education development initiatives, the project also works in the areas of health and environmental conservation.

He said that the project currently benefits a total of 5,900 villagers where most of them have improved their lives.

According to him, since the villagers are the main forest preservers, they receive revenue earned from Carbon Project every six months and they use it to provide basic services to the community members such as health care, security, education, food security as well as employment for young men and women.

“For instance we spent 10m/- from our first earnings we got from selling Verified Carbon Units, to build Police station, and we spent 17m to build two classes for our primary school in Yaeda village which had only 6 classes since it was built in during  Mwalimu Nyerere’s leadership era” he said.

The project covers three villages in Mbulu district which are Mongowamono, Yaeda Chini and Domanga has improved life to number of villagers by providing employments including village game scouts, record officer and project managers.

Pili Godo, a villager at Domanga, said she and her husband have built a modern house from the salary that she gets from her job as record office in Carbon project.

“We are now living in a modern house, we can provide basic needs for the family and my two children are now educationally supported, we really thank carbon project,” Godo said.

For his part, a project Manager at Yaeda Chini, Isack Magombe said the project has employed 42 villagers into different positions such as Village Game Scouts and Record Officers and they pay them 80,000/- per month.

Villagers through the Ward officer and district government work hard to preserve the forest and receive percentage of the revenue generated by selling Verified Carbon Units.

Marc Baker, Director of Carbon Tanzania, said that, supported by the Tanzania’s Land and forest Act, they work with partners in the NGO sectors and District Government to help communities develop the land use and protect forests so they can receive financial benefit.

“ We develop climatic mitigation and adaptation projects that is measured in Verified Carbon Units and represent reduced forest destruction, we sell these VCU’s to companies around the world who wish to balance the effect their company has on the environment and climate,”

According to Backer, the project’s main objective is to conserve environment and mitigate climatic change and it has been done so far.

The Hadzabe who depend on the health of the environment in order to sustain their ancient and traditional life style such as hunting, they have managed to decrease deforestation 20 times and preserve 187,000 trees from being cut each year in Mbulu District.

The villagers are complaining that the education fund does not support student who are going to university which cause some of them to stop at high school because the parents cannot afford.

“We would like this project to sponsor these kids who have passed and have dreams of joining university level, because to be honesty I can’t afford to pay the expenses, so I don’t know what I will do when my children reach that stage,” Athuman Madundula, one of the villagers at Mongowamono.

Nange Chaka, Pili’s husband who works at Carbon Tanzania as Game Scout, said that although his life has been transformed from being a pastoralist to a working dad, butthe salary of Sh.80,000 that he get is not enough to take care of his two children because there so many things that he need to provide for his family.

The world is on a mission to fight against Climate Change and among the solutions discussed is preserving environment through green agriculture and the use of Renewable Energy.

Briefing on UN climatic change week in Accra Ghana, Special Envoy, Ambassador Luis Alfonso De Alba said Climatic change is an issue of development and the world should focus on the implementation of the polices, he also said on the coming summits the discussions will focus on the implementations and the follow up to make sure that the world is fighting against Climate Change.

Environment Officer at Mbulu District, KilimbaJumaKingu, said they support the project by making sure that the forest are preserved so that more oxygen is obtained and they manage to prevent 187,000 trees from being cut each year.

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