10Mar 2016
The Guardian

In his all-encompassing wisdom, God has enjoined us Fear Him and keep our duty to him; He reminds us that our relationships (with women) are to be...

09Mar 2016
The Guardian

Advancements in ICT are no longer in the realms of science fiction but rather, they play a central role in day to day socio-economic and political...

08Mar 2016
The Guardian

INTERNATIONAL Women's Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without...

07Mar 2016
The Guardian

IN recent years, there has been growing concern that mosquitoes are becoming resistant to the pyrethroid insecticides used on the nets, making...

06Mar 2016
Guardian On Sunday

Yesterday a section of media outlets, newspapers in particular, gave considerable weight to a news story about an impromptu visit by the Minister...

05Mar 2016
The Guardian

WEDNESDAY, March 2, 2016, will remain an historic moment for the Republic of South Sudan. .

04Mar 2016
The Guardian

A caution was sounded recently by the government on the urgent need to procure transformers from local companies and not from abroad.

03Mar 2016
The Guardian

It may seem quite impolite for someone to challenge the president of the United Republic of Tanzania to publicly disclose details of his personal...

02Mar 2016
The Guardian

Tanzania Agriculture is one of the leading sectors in Tanzania accounting for 24 per cent of the GDP, 30 per cent of total exports and 65 per...

01Mar 2016
The Guardian

WITH post harvest losses claiming over 40 percent of Tanzania’s annual national production of cereals, it is futile to focus investment on...