TRA suspends small scale tax payers system

03Jan 2018
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TRA suspends small scale tax payers system

TANZANIA Revenue Authority (TRA) has suspended its system that required small scale tax payers to pay taxes prior to business commencement and instead they will now start paying within 90 days after starting business.

TRA commissioner for domestic revenue Elijah Mwandumbya

TRA commissioner for domestic revenue Elijah Mwandumbya told reporters yesterday in Dar es Salaam that the new system is aimed at registering tax payers and recruit them into formal tax system.

Mwandumbya was speaking during the launch of a new campaign dubbed “registration of taxpayers’. In the launched campaign, TRA aims at registering 1million tax payers across the country.

According to him, the campaign will increase number of taxpayers, the scope of tax payment, increasing collections as well as having the right information and data of taxpayers who deserve to pay tax and contribute to the national GDP.

 “The campaign goes along with major changes to small scale tax payers as they will now feel a relief for being given 90 days to pay quarter of the tax after commencement of their businesses, earlier they were paying prior to business registration,” he said.

The commissioner emphasised that registration of Taxpayers Identification Numbers (TINs) is free and the exercise will be conducted in all TRA offices and special centres in the country.

 He also cautioned the public to be careful of fake officers who may emerge during the campaign claiming that they come from TRA saying that all the registration process will be conducted  at special areas and offices to be announced.

Mwandumbya further said that every one is supposed to make personal appearance at the TRA offices or centres instead of sending a representative.

“The exercise will involve tax payers being taken their photos, finger prints among others, so everyone should go to the offices physically to complete the process...on their hands they should carry their identification card, letter from local government office and renting contract,” Mwandumbya added.

He called upon traders in the country to go and have their TINs so as to facilitate the authority’s plan to have a new system of tax payers’ data storage that shall go parallel with technological improvements.

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