TPA purchases modern equipment to boost port efficiency

03Jan 2018
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TPA purchases modern equipment to boost port efficiency

TANZANIA Ports Authority (TPA) has purchased a modern equipment to boost efficiency at Mtwara port.

TPA director general Eng Deusdedit Kakoko said that among the equipment that had already arrived at Mtwara port included a modern weigh measure machine dubbed ‘Movable Weigh Bridge’ capable of measuring up to 100 tonnes of cargo.

He revealed this here at the end of a tour of TPA board members and committees involved in Information and Communication Technology (CT) and as well as investment and business development. The board members and committees were in the regions of Mtwara and Lindi.

Eng Kakoko said that other equipment that are set to arrive this month include two ‘Reach Stalker’ with capacity to carry 40 tonnes of cargo at a go.

He said that the coming of the new equipment is the implementation of the government’s effort s and will not only help to increase efficiency  at the port but also boost revenue collections.

“Other equipment include mooring boat, pilot boat, terminal tractors to transfer containers, empty container handler and two forklift among others,” he said.

Meanwhile, Eng Kakoko held a meeting with Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) officials urging them to immediately meet with customs agents in Mtwara and educate them on the importance of serving their customers well and timely.

For his part, Mtwara port manager Nelson Mlali said cargo capacity had increased at by 16.5 per cent in the past five years following improvements at the port.

 “In the 2016/17 fiscal year, Mtwara port handled at least 377,580 tonnes of cargo which is 93 per cent of the port’s capacity. The port has capacity to handle at least 400,000 tonnes of cargo annually,” Mlali said.

According to him, the increase of cargo at the port was made possible by the increase of cashew nut production in the southern regions.

“Following improvement of services at the port, farmers and business people now transport  their cashew nuts through our port directly to Vietnam and India,” he said.

Mlali said that the port transported at least 160,000 tonnes of cashew nuts in the past year alone.

According to him, apart from cashew nuts Mtwara port also provides transportation services of other cargo such as cement, oils and other equipment.

During the tour, the committees visited various projects in the ports of Lindi and Mtwara while giving various key directives to improving the ports thus improving service provision and revenue collections for the country’s development.

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