Tourist arrivals in Tanzania on the increase

03Jan 2018
Edward Qorro
The Guardian
Tourist arrivals in Tanzania on the increase

THE country has registered massive increase of tourists that visited the country in 2016 compared to 2015.

According to 2016 Tourism Statistical Bulletin obtained by this paper yesterday, the number of visitors that toured the country in 2016 stood at 1,284,279 compared to 1,137,182 that visited the country.

This, according to the bulletin published by the Tourism Division in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism was a 12 per cent annual change.

The bulletin says that the country cashed in 4.6m/- worth of international tourism receipts compared to 3.7m/- in 2015.

International tourism receipts refer to receipts issued by the host country which result from consumption expenditures, such as payments for goods and services, made by international visitors to use themselves or to give away.

Out of the 1.2million visitors that toured Tanzania, 936,549 came for leisure and holidays, 138,342 checked in for visiting friends and relatives while 67,075 came as business professionals.

According to the bulletin, 51,055 were on transit while 91,258 came for unspecified activities.

The number of East Africans that visited Tanzania in 2016 was 568,641 compared to 531,043 in 2015.

The United States of America continued to lead the pack of international arrivals from overseas countries having 86,856 tourists followed by the United Kingdom with 67,742 and Italy at 50,715.

Almost 60 percent of the tourists visited the country by air compared to 2015, where 57 per cent use the same means to tour the country.

Those who sailed to reach Tanzanian were at six per cent, rail zero per cent while those who came by road stood at 34 per cent.

According to the tourist arrival index, the Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) registered 48 per cent of all arrivals, followed by Zanzibar International Airport at 27 per cent, Kilimanjaro International Airport (24) while other airports including Songwe International Airport was at one per cent.

This comes as many tourists visiting the country are forced to land at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Kenya, and later take a shuttle through the Namanga border to Tanzania.

This is attributed by high landing fees at KIA, which is close to a number of tourist destinations in the northern circuit.

According to a survey by this paper, for a tourist to be cleared their Visa at KIA, there will have to part ways with $50, whereas in Kenya, the same tourist pays half of the amount.

Nonetheless, an ordinary room for a tourist retails at $500 per night, whereas hiring a tour vehicle fetches anything from $180 a day.

Released by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, the bulletin reports on arrivals of Tanzania residents and foreign travelers.

It also gives a detailed analysis of the twelve months’ movements of tourists and their demographic characteristics.

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