TFS set to introduce standards to curb wanton felling of trees

01May 2019
Crispin Gerald
The Guardian
TFS set to introduce standards to curb wanton felling of trees

THE Tanzania Forest Service (TFS) is set to introduce standards for forest products in a new drive aimed at adding value on the products and curb wantonly tree felling in the country.

Dr Celine Mongo, TFS acting Director of Forest and Bee keeping announced on Monday when presenting a paper at the workshop aimed at showcasing  modern technology used for lumbering.

Held in Mafinga, in Mufindi District the workshop was organized by TFS.

“There is a great demand of timber in the foreign countries, so in order for us to win the market we need to have better standards of trees that will enable  products that come  from various parts of the country to have similar standards,” said Dr Mongo 

She confirmed that the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has already prepared the standards for forest products and that further process to verify and test the standards is continuing before they are released for use.

“The TBS in collaboration with the TFS is working to make sure they set proper standards that will meet international requirements for forest products,” added Dr Mongo. 

TFS’s forest officer, John Olomi said the aim of the government to establish the standards is to make sure the forest resources are utilized for the benefit of the coming generation. 

“We the TFS we have being given the responsibility to oversee the policy and forest laws of 1998 that insist sustainable utilization of forest resources, so we have decided to set a strategic procedure to enable harvesting and facilitation of sustainable business on forest products,” said Olomi.  

 Olomi said because of the challenge of lack of enough raw materials, the demand of the raw materials is great as compared to what is obtained from natural and artificial forest. 

“However, the government has being embarking on various efforts by collaborating with various stakeholders and institutions to increase the volume of tree planting,” he said.

The agency has also made efforts to increase forest farms from the present 10 to 24 farms.

He explained that, there is an increase of tree planting at high pace in various areas of the country in line with provision of trees to Wananchi for free for them to plant in their home places.

He cited in the Sao Hill tree farm where during the planting session of 2018/2019, the farm has managed to provide 1 million trees to citizens surrounding the areas in order to ensure the availability of forest products is sustainable for the benefit of the coming generation.

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