Entrepreneurship means getting to fulfill your dreams

01Jan 2018
Getrude Mbago
The Guardian
Entrepreneurship means getting to fulfill your dreams

OVER 50 young talented youth from various parts in the country have managed to fulfil their dreams while bringing positive impacts in communities through their new established projects, thanks to the non-profit organisation, An-Nahl Trust for empowering them.

The organisation’s projects director Musa Ally said that 500m/- have been spent in the past two years in training and financing the youth.

 Speaking during the closure of the two-year programme in Dar es Salaam at the weekend, Ally said that the project has also helped hundreds of young Tanzanians to develop the spirit of volunteerism and work to bring changes with their communities.

He said that during the programme’s tenure, the youth have learnt various approaches of creating an innovative idea, proper utilisation of funds, and how to run their projects for the communities’ benefits.

With funds from NAMA foundation from Indonesia, the project has benefited young people from various regions in the country.


He said that one of the key objectives of the programme was to educate and enable young people to develop the culture of volunteerism.

According to him, many Tanzanians youth lack the spirit of volunteerism something which needs more awareness to change the situation.

“This is why we saw it better to come up with programmes like volunteerism and community leadership to change attitudes among young people in Tanzania and enable them start working for their communities,” he added.

He went further and urged youth in the country to embrace the culture of volunteerism so as to gain extra skills that would make them more marketable when seeking job opportunities.

 “I encourage the youth to demonstrate patriotism through actions... the country still needs more talented and innovative young people, who will be there to change lives of the vulnerable communities...in the two years of the programme, the youth have been  trained on how best to contribute to national development in different ways,” he added.

For his part, NAMA foundation chief executive Officer said that the organisation decided to fund the programme for the aim of changing mindsets and lives of Tanzanian youth.


According to him, investing in youth and entrepreneurial education was important as the group has great power in contributing to the nation’s development activities.

In the event also four young people emerged winners and were given 9.3m/- due to their outstanding work they have done through their projects.

One of the winners Abdallah Ndale commended Al-Nahl organisation for coming up with the idea to help Tanzanians youth saying that the move has raised up a number of youth who have been staying at home jobless.

According to him, the programme has helped them to transform their knowledge as they are now well skilled on community leadership, patriotism and volunteerism.

He called upon the government to invest in youth and volunteerism training for sustainable development.

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