Bank awards winners of its ‘Double Your Deposit’ Campaign

03May 2019
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Bank awards winners of its ‘Double Your Deposit’ Campaign

STANDARD Chartered Bank Tanzania Limited yesterday announced its winners of the second raffle of its ‘Double Your Deposit’ Campaign which is aimed at enhancing financial inclusion and the culture of savings through its recently launched Digital Bank on Mobile.

The newly launched Digital Bank on Mobile, which is accessible via the SC Mobile Tanzania App., enables individuals to open accounts wherever they are without needing to visit the Bank’s branches at any stage of the account opening process.

Five winners were picked at yesterday’s first raffle of the ‘Double your Deposit’ campaign.

Speaking at the event to pick the winners, the Bank’s Head of Digital Banking, Victor Makere, said that the Campaign had been running for four weeks and that it is geared towards rewarding the Bank’s individual clients in the Personal and Priority segments by doubling their deposits. He added that the campaign also incorporates additional monetary prizes to enable more clients benefit from the ongoing campaign.

Edgar Mwombeki Kiiza of Ukonga emerged as the overall winner of the first raffle of the Standard Chartered Bank’s “Double your Deposit’ campaign, seeing him double the amount that he has deposited at the Bank through the SC Mobile Tanzania App.

The Bank also announced four other winners for various categories of the campaign. These include; Sabhai Mukama Maitarya who won 500,000/-, Franscisca Gerwin Faya who won 250,000/-, Mussiba Mtani who won 50,000/- and Noranancy Vera Niko who won 50,000/-.

Speaking about the details of the campaign, Mr. Victorsaid that the potential clients were required to deposit a minimum of 100,000/- for the period of the campaign which ends in May 2019. The Bank will doublethe lucky winner’s deposit up to a maximum of 1,000,000/- of money deposited. More winners will also be drawn bringing to five the total numbers of winners at every raffle. The raffles will take place every two weeks until the end of May,19.

“I am happy to inform you that ourDigital Bank on Mobile and the ‘Double Your Deposit’ campaign have been well received in the market and we have been opening more than double the number of accounts that we would otherwise open through our normal branch channels thereby enhancing Financial inclusion which is one our main goals of introducing the Digital Bank on Mobile,” Victor said. 

The Digital Bank on Mobile which was launched towards the end of February this year is accessible through the SC Mobile TanzaniaApp that can either be found on Play store or App store.

Victor urged more Tanzanians to leverage on the Digital Bank on Mobile and join the winners list. 

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