Bandari Saccos denies fuelling land conflicts in new Kigamboni

26Apr 2019
Finnigan wa Simbeye
The Guardian
Bandari Saccos denies fuelling land conflicts in new Kigamboni

RAMPANT land conflicts threatening Pemba Mnazi ward of the new Kigamboni Municipality area in Dar es Salaam is result of greedy village leaders who double allocate plot to buyers.

Bandari Saccos Limited which is at the centre of a land row with villagers at Puna and Potea villages of Pemba Mnazi said local leaders resold its area to other developers hence causing conflicts which now threaten peace and security in the area.

“It’s false to say that a big institution like Bandari Saccos can grab land from villagers or an individual legitimate owner,” argued Bandari Saccos Chairperson, Stella Mutayabarwa in Dar es Salaam this week while responding to allegations that her institution invaded Puna and Potea villages earlier this month to grab land.

“Those village leaders in Puna are dishonest, they deliberately double allocated our land to other buyers hence causing unnecessary conflicts,” Mutayabarwa said stressing that her institution wants to change the virgin remote area into a modern place.

“When an institution like Bandari Saccos comes to your village, you have to be happy because it will bring big changes through its investments, it can’t do so by grabbing people’s land in the era,” she charged noting that Puna and Potea village leaders are crooks who should be held accountable.

Last week, a group of residents of Puna and Potea villages, which lie over 60 kilometres from Kigamboni central business district, accused Bandari Saccos of invading their area with armed policemen earlier this month to surveying new plots.

The residents who refused to be identified for fear of reprisals, said Bandari Saccos leaders threatened to lock behind bars anyone who dare encroach their newly surveyed area which was in fact, their plots.

“This conflict dates back to 2016 and we have already taken it the both village and ward leaders for arbitration but our leaders have remained powerless as district officials remain inactive,” said one of the victims who warned that unless Kigamboni Municipal officials take immediate action to address the conflict, the future may witness bloody land conflicts in the area.

Documentary evidence availed to Property Watch by the villagers indicate that local authorities have tried to resolve the conflict but failed so far. The documents show that on February 25 last year, Potea Village Chairman, Ngobi Meza summoned a meeting to address the land conflict involving Alhamdi Mussa, Idd Mohamed, Jones Killimbe, Valerine Killimbe, Charles Kubeja, Masanja Kasubi, Shija Shinganaji and Muddy Kaunda against Bandari Saccos.

Two of the affected plot owners, Jones Killimbe and Initiaz Lalji had beacons of their surveyed plot uprooted by agents of Bandari Saccos who were accompanied by armed policemen and surveyors allegedly from Kigamboni Municipality.

“Jones A. Killimbe and Valerie J. Killlimbe said they bought their plot in 2007 from one, Lady Nyamki and requested for official surveying on September 28, 2007 so the plot was demarked into five slots with title deed issued,” said part of Meza’s letter to Kigamboni Municipal Director.

The letter also quoted representatives of Lalji who attended the meeting which was boycotted by Bandari Saccos leaders despite being invited, Iddi Mohamed and Alhmad Mussa as saying, “The area was bought legally in August 2008 from Menard Makoye and in January 2011, we requested to have it surveyed and given title deed which happened in November 2017 as Block G.”      

In his letter, the Potea Village Chairman concluded by saying that, “Through our investigations, it is true that Bandari Saccos bought an area from one, Rwegasira but that the institution encroached the complainants’ plots when surveying its area hence destroying property and removing beacons marking their neighbours boudaries. Our advice is that Bandari Saccos should move out of the invaded area and pay for damages caused by the encroachment.”

Meza went on to write Kigamboni District Commissioner a letter dated April 3, 2019 after the latest wave of Bandari Saccos invasion backed by armed policemen, demanding that authorities stop the Kurasini based multi-billion rich savings and credit society from continuing to survey the area under conflict. 


Kigamboni’s Nyerere Bridge has made the new municipality a popular place for developers hence fuelling land conflicts. File photo.

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